Supply of Subsea Engineers

 “ I need a subsea engineer in West Africa next week - can you help?”

We hold one of the most extensive databases of skilled energy sector workers in the UK and benefit from Subsea personnel who have organised crews to undertake work globally over the past 25 years. The answer is therefore “no problem!”

We understand that supplying the right individual to match our clients’ requirements is crucial.

Our core process is therefore knowing the engineers, finding the right person and making sure they are available. Each individual has differing competence, qualifications, experience and behavioural skills which we log, analyse and seek regular feedback from clients on.

Our solution is therefore comprehensive and up to date. We can accurately select suitable engineers from our intuitive database quickly, check availability and organise mobilisation to meet the most demanding of deadlines.

For example, we regularly support our clients during shipyard activity and between well maintenance when subsea crews are experiencing heavy workloads and generally time to monitor all activity is difficult.

It is therefore no surprise that some of the leading drilling companies rely on the Subsea Masters Team to support their operations when their subsea engineering resource is unavailable or stretched.


Expert Mentoring

“Are your younger engineers struggling to gain experience?”

A key client requirement is sourcing Professional Subsea Engineers with 20+ years' experience, who are able (and willing) to spend dedicated time with less experienced engineers, mentoring them, identifying strengths and weaknesses and developing a knowledge transfer plan.

We find that the majority of our clients do not have the personnel resource available to divert away from ongoing operations leaving a skills gap amongst newly appointed or less experienced engineers.

The mentoring service bridges this gap without affecting operations and ensures that the next generation of engineers has available, expert support to ensure that the right decisions are made.

This will allow your senior supervisors to concentrate on ongoing issues and planning whilst the mentoring is on his doorstep.


Vendor Surveillance

“We struggle to secure reliable vendors and don’t have the resources available to ensure procedures are being followed.”

We know that critical assets often require overhaul or inspection and that this can tie up key personnel in the verification of vendor performance.

Subsea Masters can confidently supply time served professionals to monitor vendor performance and ensure that vendors meet the quality and productivity deliverables you set.

This monitoring will include comprehensive reporting to the customer on all aspects of the surveillance, whether new OEM equipment ready for delivery or refurbished equipment at the OEM or customer designated facilities.

Our professionals come with subsea and comprehensive maritime backgrounds backed up with qualifications.

Our aim is to provide clients with the peace of mind that key assets have been afforded the correct level of attention, by qualified personnel and in line with company procedures. We can also then recommend long-term preservation solutions (uniquely available within our Group of Companies), that are being used by the World’s leading energy companies to guarantee asset integrity while in storage.


Shore Based Equipment

“We’ve just experienced another OEM spare parts failure, what do we do to prevent this from happening in the future?”

When was the last time your essential SUBSEA HOT SPARES was last operated and tested?

In fact are you confident that all the new equipment you have in laydown areas onshore actually function, do you have a good concentrated fluid in their operators? When were they last cycled and a full operator test performed?

Your OEM equipment needs to be uncrated and tested, anything less will result in probable NPT and early failure subsea.

Subsea Masters can help provide the level of expertise required to ensure a preventive maintenance regime is implemented and regularly monitored to ensure you never experience a spare part failure again and potential downtime.


Downtime Prevention Seminars

“If only we could reduce the amount of downtime, but how do we educate engineers on what to look for?”

We recognize that a key focus for our clients is to educate personnel on the prevention of downtime.

At Subsea Masters, we benefit from in company resource that hold years of experience both learned and actual, covering the different scenario’s faced where downtime has occurred and could have been prevented by an appropriate course of action.

The seminars do not focus on equipment details, but invaluable information to assist your teams about what to look for, where your potential problem areas may arise and importantly how to prevent them. There are many systems in place within your company to assist alleviate the potential of NPT due to procedural error and the definite lack of knowledge that is currently in the market today.

We are confident that after attending one of our expert seminars, your engineers will be able to solve issues before matters escalate resulting in downtime - the seminar will have easily paid for itself within a very short timeframe. If you prevent Subsea downtime per well, you will save naturally save money but importantly maintain improved client relations.

One loose hose fitting may cost you US$5million in a deepwater situation. How can you ensure these faults are eliminated?


Mux Health Checks

“Are you having problems with your mux system, is the knowledge / expertise readily available”

We can supply EX OEM mux engineers who are knowledgeable about control systems and mux operations, they are hands on and can also assist in reporting and fault finding to you the customer.