Riser Cleaning

We can provide the following key services to ensure your marine riser is cleaned and protected in an environmentally compliant and cost effective way:

  • Riser cleaning in the Port of Las Palmas’
  • Portable solution can be deployed globally and performed on rig (in riser bays)
  • In-house designed seal sub removal tool to guarantee integrity of the seal area
  • HP/UHP used as the preferred method of cleaning to ensure all contaminants are removed and optimum joint condition
  • In-house containment system to guarantee that waste material is handled in accordance with international standards and local environmental organizations
  • On rig solution helps to hit budget targets by removing the need to move riser to a quayside location.

Equipment Maintenance

We can support Rig Operators with their routine and in between well maintenance on all subsea well control and safety related equipment with our experience built across the full range of OEM equipment and Blow Out Preventers (BOP).

We understand that our clients will want to ensure that the re-activation of their key assets is handled by a vendor that can demonstrate competence and hands-on experience.

Supply Engineers

We understand that supplying the right individual to match our clients’ requirements is crucial.

Our core process is therefore knowing the engineers, finding the right person and making sure they are available. Each individual has differing competence, qualifications, experience and behavioural skills which we log, analyse and seek regular feedback from clients on.

Our solution is therefore comprehensive and up to date. We can accurately select suitable engineers from our intuitive database quickly, check availability and organise mobilisation to meet the most demanding of deadlines.

For larger scale deployments, we will also look to support our teams with onsite project management and health & safety resource, if this is a client requirement. Our project management team are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and are able to “cherry pick” engineers based on the industry reputation.

Vendor Surveillance

  • Monitoring and Inspection at designated OEM vendor.
  • Inspection and witnessing of FAT for new build projects or upgrade of new equipment.
  • Review inspection and testing procedures with customer, Vendor and class.
  • Data book review.
  • Ensure follow up and reporting on corrective actions leading to close out.
  • We will supply our qualified Inspectors from multiple disciplines, from Marine / Mechanical/Electrical and Subsea backgrounds.

Marine riser and tubular maintenance services

Provision of marine riser and tubular maintenance services, across the full range of OEM and client specification.

We have developed a solution that has been adapted to a lower cost model whereby riser maintenance is conducted onboard the vessel. This includes the use of our patented cleaning containment system.

This provides rig operators with significant cost savings by not having to move joints to a quayside location for the maintenance work to be performed.

We are also able to provide a storage solutions through our local partners in the Port of Las Palmas to facilitate a riser maintenance programme and ensure that riser joints are ready for operation when needed and that annual checks are performed in accordance with OEM guidelines.

Floatation Repair

We are capable of delivering industry-leading Drilling Riser Buoyancy Module repair at a multitude of locations from our base in Las Palmas and throughout Africa and other locations Globally upon request.

On-site services are delivered through field service containers, which are specifically designed to provide an enclosed environment to effective conduct field repairs on locations. Each unit is stocked with consumables and the required equipment and provides the perfect conditions to carry out professional repairs from bonds and cracks to full lamination skin repair.

Innovative Solutions

Please read our 2017 brochure for more information about the services available from Subsea Masters