Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Patented Waste Water Containment

We have developed in-house a unique system of containment that allows the waste water product containing rust, debris, drilling mud deposits and other contaminants to be channeled effectively into a single containment chamber. This drains to a designated dirty water tank, slug pit or oily water tanks on board the vessel.

The containment module design ensures that an effective containment is achieved covering the box end and seals around the flange areas. As the UHP rotating head moves forward displacing air and dirty water, the contaminants are displaced into the module. An inspection hatch incorporated into the design, ensures heavy scaling can be removed without interrupting operations. Similarly, the drainage system can also be cleaned independently of the containment module.

The containment modules are manufactured using naval aluminium to optimise manoeuvrability during operations and facilitate on Rig cleaning including riser stacked in bays.

The system design includes a feed in module to eliminate the risk of contaminants draining back, in addition to reducing noise and protecting the operator.

Using our technical know-how, we have developed a system that is designed to meet the demands and budgetary constraints of today’s drilling operations.

The system ensures an environmentally safe solution, allows for optimal cleaning techniques through the use of UHP blasting and delivers a solution that is no longer just an onshore option.

The units will interchange with pin and box end to ensure compatibility with riser bay stacking and orientation.


Seal Sub / Main Pin Removal

Seal Sub / Main Pin Removal tools to assist with the removal of seal subs whilst the marine riser is stacked in bays. Allows for the full inspection of seal subs and seal area on the main riser joint.

This is a unique inhouse design with a special profiling that captures the seal sub on FT-H riser so it can easily and safely removed in the riser bays.