Positive feedback from Stena Drilling

Positive feedback from Stena Drilling

GEV Group’s division Subsea Masters have recently been working with Drilling Contractor Stena in Las Palmas. We were tasked with the cleaning and preservation of riser joints and our experienced team were lauded by the client for their professionalism and can-do attitude. It is always great to receive positive feedback but we were really delighted by the response from Arthur Lawrence at Stena Drilling:

“Really do appreciate the effort the Subsea Master’s team has put into this project.

Your team has conducted the entire scope on schedule, on time, Zero Spills and most importantly with Zero Incidents; Stena Drilling shines very highly on a proper safety culture, even on satellite work scopes.

During my routine site visits the team were very well at demonstrating the quality of the cleanliness, preservation application and the bagging. The team also were found using all appropriate PPE and one could easily tell that the personnel were experienced to the trade.

As I think you may agree, it is almost unheard of these times for a project to go as planned and on budget without any peripheral costs involved. We as a company strive to maintain costs and value firm agreements from reputable contractors. Subsea Masters has shown that this is still achievable.

I look forward to working with Subsea Masters in the future and once again appreciate the help throughout the project.”

Cleaned riser joints

Stena Drilling